Security Assessment


At Cygnus Technologies, we understand the importance of having a safe and secure IT infrastructure and as such, we provide a robust Information Security Assessment and Risk Management Services to all businesses.


Our security assessment and risk management services include identifying vulnerabilities and threats and treating risks by providing effective solutions that will ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s data, systems and other assets are not compromised.


Based on in-depth security assessment and risk analysis, we will help you implement resilient and dynamic policies and procedures that prevents data loss and reduces the risk of data breach. We will also ensure that each policy and procedure meet the required compliance best practices.

Advantages of Security Assessment and Risk Management Services


  Experienced professionals will help identify possible security risks and treat them accordingly, thereby reducing the chance of catastrophic incidents in the future.

  It’s a cost-effective security solution which ensures competent supervision and monitoring of data, systems and assets.

  An assessment will help organizations set risk management standards, based on acceptable & safe practices and legal requirements.

  It helps create awareness among your staff, enabling them to better understand the security issues they need to focus on.

  An assessment will help organizations make smarter security investments that provide a long-term value.


Our Security Assessment and Risk Management Services include;


  Managed Security Services.

  Security Audit and Awareness.

  Penetration Testing.

  Security Solutions.


A right action at a right time can save your business from a huge loss. As such, when you choose Cygnus Technologies as your trusted partner, we will ensure that all risks, vulnerabilities and threats are mitigated and compliance is maintained. While our skilled team will ensure that existing systems are well-optimized and the entire security implementation process goes along smoothly.