What is ISO 27001?


ISO 27001 is a well-known international standard that helps businesses protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information they hold. It helps them secure private information and data of customers and employees including sensitive information like financial information, personal details etc.


It also provides a set of standardised requirements that enables businesses to establish a structured Information Security Management System (ISMS). This makes it easy to implement, operate, maintain and monitor security within the organization.


The ISO 27001 is a part of the ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards and comprises of Various security controls that can be implemented based on your business needs and requirements.

Advantages of ISO 27001


  ISO 27001 is a globally recognized security certification.

  It ensures that organization is in compliance with the various legal, statutory  and regulatory requirements.

  It helps to enhance the security of existing systems.

  It minimizes the risk of various threats.

  It saves money for the organization by preventing harmful incidents and offering continuous protection.

  It protects an organization from all security breaches, data loss and identity   thefts.

  It offers an organization a competitive edge.

  It helps boost confidence in customers and stakeholders.

  It ensures that the exchange of information is secure and confidential.

  It helps to increase the performance and efficiency of an organization.

  It helps boost brand’s credibility.


How Can We Help?


Cygnus Technologies is recognized consultant for ISO 27001 certification. Over the years, we have provided comprehensive services to many mid-size and large enterprises to ensure that they meet the requirements essential for achieving ISO 27001 certification.


Our approach to managing the ISO 27001 implementation is quite straight-forward and includes;


  Initial assessment of standard and mandatory requirements.

  Identifying the overall security risks and threats.

  Designing an actionable plan to mitigate these risks and threats.

  Providing clients with an effective roadmap for continuous improvements.


We have the required expertise, practical experience and the technical know-how of ISO 27001 certification process and as such, we can help businesses obtain one without much hassle.