Consulting Services


Re-define your business process by choosing the best software consulting company that will help transform and enhance the technological operations of your various software and applications.


Investing in software solutions can be an expensive affair. As such, we provide technical advice based on the scope and specifications of the project in order to ensure that the implementation of digital systems meets your business needs.


Our vast experience and knowledge of broad range of industry applications enable us to provide customized solutions to our clients at each and every step. From the best and latest technology products to easy deployment of new resources and update & management of new applications, our team of talented Consultants can help;

  Boosts the efficiency of various software and application.

  Reduce operational costs.

  Automate basic tasks making it simpler for employees to manage them efficiently.

  Secure all web-based solutions and applications to help maximize profitability.


Our Software Consultants are high-skilled professionals and focus on creating user-friendly and industry-specific business model right from the ground up. This enables organizations to leverage the best out of their various technology platforms. We offer resilient solutions and innovative products along with the best project management assistance based on product evaluation.


As a partner with acclaimed industry players like HP, IBM, Microsoft and others, we have also successfully delivered multiple onsite and offshore projects for many big and mid-size enterprises. This has made Cygnus Technologies one of the most sought-after consultants in this fast-paced industry.